Are you better off working with a team of real estate professionals or a single agent? 

That’s a great question. While there are plenty of great individual agents out there who do a wonderful job for their clients, I believe that you’re better off working with a team.

Most of us start out as individual agents. When we’re new in the business, we typically handle every part of the transaction, and that’s how we learn. As our experience grows and we get better and more professional, though, we often find that a team is much more effective at working each part of the transaction. Doing it all as an individual agent is very difficult without a lot of help. 

The benefits of a team come from the fact that we have people specializing in certain parts of a transaction. That’s where the team concept really takes shape in the real estate business. 

I recently read an article by one of the leading trainers in the real estate industry who was quoted as saying, “The future of real estate is in total team domination.” Further on in the article, this trainer explained why. In his opinion, a team always services a client better than a single agent. It’s just that simple. He also goes on to say that the minutiae involved in a real estate transaction or the business, in general, is so immense that no single person can do it all. The paperwork, marketing, transaction management, and customer service (which is most important) all combine with needing to be a contract expert, a negotiation expert, and having to keep up with all the laws and regulations and technologies and techniques. 

“I built my team because it was important to me to do a better job for you.”

There is so much going on that trying it all on your own is nearly impossible. Doing it well without a team is just not realistic. 

Like I said, I know some fabulous agents out there who aren’t working on a team and have been servicing their clients very well. In my opinion, though, a team can provide a better experience for their clients. On our team, we have a contract expert, a listing specialist, a negotiation expert, and a buyer specialist. We also have an entire team of salespeople who are on the phones every day looking for buyers and sellers for their clients. Furthermore, my office manager is licensed and experienced and always available to answer questions when our clients have questions and their agent isn’t available. 

We never miss an offer or opportunity for our clients because we’re always on point with everything. Because we have a team handling our transactions, our buyer’s agents are in the market every day handling the buy side of things while our listing agents are handling listings. Additionally, our office staff are all experts on the legal aspects of each transaction and keep up with the laws and regulations.

You can see how all of these people come together and provide a better overall service. When we take on a listing or agree to represent a buyer, we have eight people working on the deal. All of them are experts, and they’re all focused on our clients. 

I’m sure there are benefits to working with an individual agent, but I built my team because it was important to me to do a better job for you. I believe the team concept does a better job. That’s our goal, and that’s what we strive for every day in everything we do. 

If you have any questions about the advantages a real estate team provides over an individual agent or you’re thinking of buying or selling a house in our market, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be glad to help you.